From Zero to Cloud in Four Weeks

You want to bring your software to the cloud and serve your customers better and more effectively. But where do you start? What are the steps you need to take to maximize the investments that you have already done? How can you lower your TCO? Is re-hosting always the way to go and what is the best architecture for your cloud? There are quite a few questions that you need to answer.

RIB Cloud offers a four-step plan whereby every step brings you closer to your destination. The Cloud Readiness Framework for software companies is a fast and proven way to not only gain insight, but also gives you a roadmap on how to proceed.

So how did we come to the Cloud Readiness Framework? The Cloud Readiness Framework is the result of our experience which started years ago with Dynamics applications and how we migrated them (first) to hosting and (later) to Azure, as Software-as-a-Service and a Cloud-based application. There are always the same steps in that process and, once we go through these, the chance of success in the cloud is greatest. At the same time, we notice that many software companies need something to hold on to, because the cloud as a production environment and business model is new to them. The Cloud Readiness Framework offers that support.

Cloud Readiness Framework at a Glance


The Cloud Readiness Framework consists of four steps which can be completed in four weeks. The first step is to map Cloud and Business ambitions. The outcome of that session is making a roadmap; the building plan. The next steps are Proof of Concept, the actual migration, and going online in the cloud.

Climbing the Stairs Inevitably Starts with the First Step

This first step is a workshop in which noting business ambitions are important. What growth do you want to achieve? To which markets would you like to go? What kinds of questions do customers ask you? Which functionalities would you like to add? And what pitfalls do you see? How much time does it currently take to add a new feature? And how is user adoption adjusted?  In addition, our CloudSCAN is part of this phase. The baseline measurement is knowing what the environment looks like now. Together with the ambition and wishes you have; the result of this first step is the Cloud & Business Ambition Report.

Cloud & Business Roadmap

Based on the Cloud & Business Ambition Report, we will jointly create a roadmap in Step Two. Is a simple first step to the Cloud possible, for example? What possible changes to the software architecture do we see that benefit availability, performance or security? How can you add new functions even faster? The power of Cloud is that you only pay for what you use. To get the most out of this, we come to this phase prepared with proposals and smart tools that identify resources which are not used or have fewer users. In short, after this step you will know what the TCO is for Cloud, what the design looks like and in which steps you can ultimately go Cloud. For example, I can imagine that a first simple re-hosting already brings benefits and that the next step is re-architecting and refactoring. In any case, we provide a clear outline.

Proof & Readiness

Based on the first two steps, you also discover what the impact is for a Proof of Concept (PoC). There may be incentives available to finance a PoC. When doing a PoC, we record in advance when it is successful or not. It has a framed process and precise tests to prove that the application really works in the cloud. A PoC is not for production purposes and does not include migrations. We like to let you experience the power of Cloud yourself- that’s what this phase is for!

Cloud Success

You’re almost there! The final step of our staircase is the start of a continuous process. The moment the PoC is successful and you choose RIB Cloud, we record the success factors. For example, what are important moments for your business? How will we implement the roadmap? How much time do we have for that together? And who is responsible for predefined actions? Continuous learning and user adoption are an important aspect for success. In this phase, we also help you with onboarding in the Azure Marketplace and we can make co-marketing plans together. In short, our business is doing everything for your cloud success!

Start your transformation to the cloud today and be cloud-ready in just four weeks!