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Cloudamize is a cloud computing analytics platform that provides high precision analytics and powerful automation to improve the ease, speed, and costs of Azure migration projects. Data is ready to be accessed and analyzed immediately after the recommended collection period, then we can make recommendations based on your business requirements and processes to efficiently scale your cloud infrastructure and meet your goals.

With this complex information, we support our CloudCARE methodology in that we can understand and leverage it to create tailor-made advice and solution infrastructure design for our clients. We ensure it is straight forward to deploy and manage, cost effective, and we can customize the amount of backup intervals.


What will our Azure costs be? Will our performance Requirements be met?


How do we understand our current environment and prioritize applications for migration?


How do we speed migration execution and reduce errors?

Why Do We Leverage the Power of Cloudamize?

Because we want to make cloud technology work for you! Using Cloudamize is instrumental if you want to excel in digital transformation. We can help you make data-driven cloud decisions quicker and easier and design the architecture that meets your business requirements, so we can migrate you with confidence, speed, and accuracy to your optimal Azure cloud.

Adopt Azure with confidence

know what your cost and performance will be in Azure for each workload and rest assured you will meet performance requirements at a lower cost in Azure than on-premises

Plan migrations with precision

 gain deep insights into your current on-premises environment and clearly understand which applications to lift and shift, redesign, and/or transform.

Get to Azure faster

reduce the time to plan and execute migration to Azure by 65-80% and eliminate time-consuming, costly trial and error.

Reduce risk

significantly minimize the risk of application connection breaks or cloud sprawl upon migration.

Optimize cost & performance

migrate each workload to its right-sized compute, storage, and network settings to ensure you immediately meet performance requirements at the lowest possible cost.

We chose to use Cloudamize during specific Azure migration projects because it provides a powerful analytics platform for cloud infrastructure. This, in turn, helps efficiently scale your cloud infrastructure in order to meet your goals and is the first step in enabling digital transformation and realizing the full potential of the cloud.

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