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How Do You Get the Most Out of the Cloud?

In today’s competitive world, agility is key. This requires ways to quickly adopt new technologies that provide competitive edge. With Infrastructure Services, we offer a comprehensive strategy to design and plan the migration to the Azure cloud, and continuous support and improvement of your Azure cloud.

We offer our customers a way to utilize the Microsoft Azure Platform for their application landscape. RIB Cloud monitors and manages the underlying platform and provides a comprehensive SLA, backed up by an independent operational control (SOC) assurance report.

Our Managed Infrastructure Services contain the following key standard features:

  • Monitoring – of your environment with pro-active alerting to prevent issues becoming critical and inform you of any issues.
  • Support – 24/7 expert support team to resolve incidents and execute change request.
  • Azure Compute Management – management of the Microsoft Azure virtual machine including updates, sizing, monitoring, etc.
  • Azure Network Management – management of the Azure connectivity (VNETs and subnets) to make sure it is safe and performant, including access control (e.g. Network Security Groups) and external connections (e.g. Express Route, load balancers, Site-to-Site or Point-2-Site).
  • Azure Storage Management – management of storage accounts, managed disks, and recovery vault to have sufficient data at the right cost level.
  • Backup – of your virtual machine and your data as needed, including operational checks to safeguard your data. This way you can restore your data and never loose them.
  • Disaster Recovery – assuring a redundant infrastructure in the same or another geography that safeguards your application continuity when an outage occurs.
  • Change Management – assuring implementations of new customer needs as needed with control, speed and cost in mind.
  • Anti-Virus – and critical operating system patching and checking.
  • Access to Microsoft Premium Support – where required to supplement the support available 24/7 from RIB Cloud around the globe.
  • Subscription Management – RIB Cloud designs, deploys, operates and supports your Azure subscription procured under the Microsoft Solution Provider (CSP) program.
  • Role Based Access Control – RIB Cloud will take responsibility for rolling out and maintaining a secure environment for you, with least privilege and or time-bound access. This rollout may include the synchronization with on-premises Active Directory structures. in addition, we aid in defining appropriate roles, the mechanism to manage different roles and associated permissions.

Why Opt for RIB Cloud Azure Infrastructure Services?

  • Peace of mind – we take away the hassle of designing and running Azure.
  • Efficiency – you benefit from the agility of cloud while lowering your TCO.
  • Security – Microsoft Azure meets the highest standards in terms of safety, while our processes
  • Expertise – with our years of Microsoft cloud experience and our Microsoft Gold Partner certification, you are ensured of the best technical support in the industry.
A: That is definitely a viable option, albeit much more challenging than you may think. It takes a lot of technical expertise to set up the environment, architect the deployment, and ensure the workload is migrated correctly so there are no setbacks. Additionally, once your workload is in the cloud, you must continuously maintain it to ensure it’s performing optimally. RIB Cloud can offload the burden of maintaining your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on your strategic initiatives and projects that add value to your business.
A: Microsoft Azure has the most comprehensive list of compliance certifications of any hyper-scale cloud provider. Azure also has industry-leading capabilities to meet the needs of key compliance requirements. Please visit the Microsoft Trust Center ( to get a full list of Azure’s certifications and attestations.
A: With Azure, you have ownership of your data – that is, all data, including text, sound, video, or image files and software, that are provided to Microsoft by you, or on your behalf, through the use of Azure. You can access your data at any time and for any reason without assistance from Microsoft. Microsoft does not use customer data or derive information from it for advertising or data mining.
A: RIB Cloud is conscious of the cost and consumption in Azure. Included in the design of and migration planning into Azure, we calculate the costs and the best licensing model. After the go live, we optionally make use of tooling and smart scenarios to lower the Azure consumption, by scaling up and down based on demand and traffic. With Azure, you only pay for what you use, while with on-premises infrastructures, you may be stuck with under-utilized resources that require ongoing maintenance and capital investment to maintain.
A: One of the excellent benefits of Azure is that it’s a true pay-as-you-go model and does not require a large upfront payment or multi-year contract. However, companies that commit to a base level of Azure consumption, can benefit from reduced costs. During the design and migration phase, RIB Cloud will advise on the most cost effective Azure license model.
A: As a hyper-scale provider, Microsoft can make greater security investments than the majority of companies in the industry. By incorporating automation and machine learning capabilities into the core, Azure is continuously improving its ability to detect, isolate, and re-mediate potential threats. Moreover, Microsoft adheres to strict industry standards for security and is constantly tested and audited by 3rd party entities. Learn more at the Azure Security Center:

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