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MTWO is a 5D Building Information Modelling (BIM) Project Management Platform, providing one comprehensive platform for project planning, building, and operating. With comprehensive functionalities and advanced AI and BI capabilities deployed on Microsoft Azure cloud, MTWO supports all project stakeholders to manage multiple projects and communicate with teams anytime, anywhere with multiple internet-connected devices. It facilitates seamless collaboration between jobsite and office and enables international project teams to update and synchronize information in real-time, helping to drive instant decision making and improve management efficiency.

More information about MTWO, its functionalities and business benefits are available at

Why MTWO With RIB Cloud Is Better

Global Presence

RIB Cloud employs highly experienced staff who can help you with all your issues. We have certified cloud engineers with strategic global presence (Amsterdam, Singapore, San Diego) to support you in your time zone with technical issues. All engineers have access to the same knowledge and work is done with the same best practice across the globe. Improvements in Asia find their way to Europe and the US, and vice versa. We provide dedicated Customer Success Managers to help you with insights to improve and drive continuous improvement initiatives while the world continues to evolve.

Single Point of Contact for All Your Questions

With MTWO you ‘consume’ a Software-as-a-Service solution, which means that you have one partner to take care of any issues, both in the infrastructure and application layer. Thus, we can respond quicker and without any finger pointing.

Quick and High Qualitative Rollouts of MTWO

Together with RIB R&D teams and our over 20 years of experience in cloud automation, we can provision, patch, upgrade and protect your applications faster, with less human error, at a higher quality, and at a lower cost. We have fully automated the entire deployment process of MTWO, including software setup, configuration, cloud infrastructure, and full management capabilities. Furthermore, improvements made for one setup at one point in time finds its way to all setups.

Stay up to Date With Technology

Microsoft Azure provides the possibility to incorporate new technologies when they become available. Hence, RIB Cloud constantly scans for new Microsoft Azure components to deliver better performance, cost, and security improvements, so you do not have to do that but still benefit.

Guaranteed Uptime and Priority Support Available

We work closely together with RIB Software R&D teams so our setup and operations are fully supported, and we can guarantee uptime and priority support if required.

Your Data Are Always Secure

To guarantee the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of MTWO, we have a comprehensive set of IT controls (more than 50 controls in 9 domains[1]) that are audited in a SOC

1 Type II report by a third party annually. Also, security is a mindset beyond tooling. At RIB Cloud, we have over 20 years of security experience and our people, global security council and processes ensure the safety, integrity, and confidentiality of your application needs.

Also Managed on Your Own Azure Environment

Some businesses already have their own Azure subscription with Microsoft. RIB Cloud can provide a managed service on your own Azure environment that you have procured directly from Microsoft. This means no extra cloud cost, one point of contact, and all the benefits already stated in this brochure.

[1] Information Security, Human Resource Management, Physical Access, Logical Access, Infrastructure, Suppliers, Incident Management, Change Management, and Service Continuity

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