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The increasing market momentum and people working more remotely these days, require software companies and value-added resellers to create innovative and intelligent solutions faster and compel them to transform their desktop-as-a-service deployment processes.

If you are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective way to deliver your virtual desktop solution to your customers compared to, for example, using Citrix, while not being burdened with managing the underlying infrastructure yourself, our Windows Virtual Desktop DevOps solution is the way forward.

We Design and Manage Your Windows Virtual Desktop Platform

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a rich toolset of technology options. We design and manage these options for you. With the optimum combination of security, availability, agility, performance and TCO for you as software company or value-added reseller.

A Solution for SMB and Larger End Customers

If you sell your virtual desktop solution to small and medium businesses (SMB), we have developed a Windows Virtual Desktop cloud architecture with which you can deploy a dedicated multi-customer Windows Virtual Desktop platform. In case you sell your virtual desktop to larger end customers, you can also deploy a dedicated Windows Virtual Desktop platform for each individual customer for added flexibility and customization.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Both options are automated Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Azure DevOps solutions that can be used to efficiently and effectively onboard new customers for your virtual desktop solution within hours, instead of days. Our Azure DevOps solution is supported by CI/CD pipelines to automate all the repetitive support, upgrade, and update tasks.

“Our flagship product, Candy, is an estimation and project control solution for the construction and engineering industries. Our clients require the ability to access Candy in a similar way to SaaS products to enable remote collaboration for their staff. We’ve engaged SaaSplaza as our partner and, through their consulting services cloud approach, we have successfully deployed Candy on Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure as a managed solution with great performance and at a low cost to meet our clients’ needs.”


Benefits of Our Windows Virtual Desktop DevOps Solutions

Windows Virtual Desktop enables you to effortlessly maintain your desktop image, applications, and end users. You also do not have to worry any longer about managing cloud components such as RDS gateways, licensing, and load balancing. In our blog article ‘Top 5 benefits of the new Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure‘ we provide a detailed overview of all benefits.

A Suitable Solution

Whether you sell your virtual desktop solution to SMB or larger end customers, we have the best suitable solution available for your specific needs. Our dedicated Azure DevOps solution can even utilize existing O365 licenses by linking it to the customer’s Active Directory.

Free-Up Valuable Time

With our WVD Azure DevOps solution we deploy and manage your Windows Virtual Desktop platform, so you can focus on developing and selling your virtual desktop solution and onboard new customers much quicker.

Save Time and Costs

We provide an automated platform to save time on repetitive support, upgrade, and update tasks, and which can be extended with new CI/CD pipelines and productivity solutions. And due to the autoscaling nature of our solutions, your costs are constantly optimized.

Support and Protection

We assure the availability of your data via daily user profile backups , and protection against vicious malware attacks. We constantly monitor your WVD platform, implement OS security patches when they become available and respond to high-impact incidents 24/7.

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